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Laguna Niguel

The words "Laguna Niguel" are of Spanish origins. "Laguna" means lagoon, and "Niguel" is derived from the name of an Indian village called "Nigueli," which was once located on Aliso Creek. In 1769, Spain became the owner of California. In 1782, California became Mexican territory, and many "Ranchos" were formed in Southern California, including Rancho Niguel. Rancho Niguel changed ownership several times. One of the most well recognized owners was the Moulton family of Moulton Niguel Ranch.

Laguna Niguel Demographics:

Incorporated 1989

Population 65,126 (2005)

Avg. Household Size 2.65

Median Age 37.5

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Laguna Niguel community listings
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